My First Week As A Kiwi

October 2008

So, I got off to a pretty rough start on this trip. I flew into Auckland, which is the biggest city IMG_0141in New Zealand and holds almost half of the country’s population. The weather was gray and raining, and all I could see was big buildings. Basically, I just felt really lost, so far from everything I had wanted New Zealand to be. I met a lot of cool people at my first hostel, Auckland Central Backpackers, but I still just did not feel right at all. A few nights ago I got out of there and moved to Mt. Eden, a suburb of Auckland. I have been so much happier at this new hostel, its so much more laid back and I’ve met some awesome people. I ran into Anika, the girl who I met waiting to get on the place in LA, and we have been hanging out a bit. Anika says things to me like “do not carry too much, you have to make babies!” or “you must learn to cook! why would you not want to make your husband happy?!” And I generally respond with any assortment of “pfff” “HA!” or similar.

I also met this incredibly good-looking German guy named Stefan. I just stare at him IMG_0111sometimes because he is so pretty. I hang out with him a lot as well, and might potentially travel some of the North Island with him, as he just bought a jeep. His car is really cool and seems to be in great shape, and he got it for $2000 dollars! That’s really common for travelers to do here its nuts. Oh, and those are New Zealand dollars too, so make that like $1600.

My first night at the new hostel, me, Stefan, and two other German guys walked to the foodmart and bought some wine to drink outside the hostel. We were joined drinking by about 10 other people from all over the world just hanging out together. Once it got dark, IMG_0109me and about 6 German guys (seriously half of Germany is here I think) climbed Mt. Eden, a volcano that has an awesome view of Auckland from the top. It was beautiful at night because the whole city was lit up. I was unreasonably fascinated by all the cows we encountered on the walk, most likely a causa del vino, and I ended up stepping in a huge mound of manure. It was worth it.

I just ran into Max and Hannah, the Germans from the first hostel, and they just bought a camper van and said I could come with them to travel some of the north island. They are both really cool so I’m thinking that may be a better option, as Anika is nice but kind of crazy. I bought a bus pass with straytravel for the south island, so I’m excited for that because they plan a lot of stuff for you and also take you off the beaten path to places a lot of people don’t know about or can’t go bc they don’t have the proper transport. My plan is to spend the next 3 weeks to a month traveling all over New Zealand so that I can get an overview, and then pick a cool city to get a flat and recoup some funds. I know I want to try to work in a ski resort in the winter, but I have a while until then so I’m not sure what kind of job I want in the meantime. We shall see. I might try WWOOFING, its a really cool way to get an authentic kiwi experience and to see another side of the country. My brother just called me today and asked how the accent is down here, and when I thought about it I realized I had only heard a handful of kiwi accents, there are so many world travelers here. It doesn’t bother me though because I’m still surrounded by other cultures.

Tonight some of us at the hostel are going to buy some food and drink and barbeque, and

Hanging out with hostal friends

Hanging out with hostal friends

I invited Max and Hannah to come to our hostel for that too. Should be a good time. I’m more than ready to get out of Auckland, time for some adventures eh?

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