Pirate Ships, Music Fests, Hot Boys on Vineyards, Engagements, Oh My!

February 2009

As always, life has been far from dull for me here in Paihia. After New Years, I had a day off
with my friend Tessa and our other friend Dom, so we decided to go kayaking as it was a beautiful summer day. I tried to lead us to the island that I raved about in one of my first blogs from here in Paihia, but ended up getting us very lost. However, my extreme lack of navigational skills ended up being quite a fortunate fault for us. Well, not so much for Dom, but for Tessa and I. I’ll explain…

So we row into a random shore that I hope I will recognize as the site leading to the amazing lookout from my last kayak experience for maybe the 6th time, and there is a dingy full of guys finishing up some fishing. So I row up to their boat and ask them if they know where the lookout is, and the guys end up chatting us up while poor Dom sits in his single kayak behind us twiddling his thumbs. They invite us to go have a bbq nearby, and at this point we don’t know where they mean but we have to return our kayaks so we decline, but end up hanging out with them out that night. After a few times hanging out the next week, we discover that the place They had initially invited us to for a bbq was Omata

The Estate

The Estate

vineyard, this beautiful vineyard on a small island that a lot of various tourist trips go to as a main attraction. Well, Rob, the guy who Tessa has been seeing, lives there because his family owns it. So basically he is loaded, and all his friends are staying at the vineyard with him. Well, they were, most of them except his other friend Ryan left town about a week after we met them. So my unfortunate navigational skills led to day trips out on Rob’s boat, weekend excursions on the family yacht, trips to Roberton island for snorkeling, free scuba diving lessons, and trips to the vineyard via boat for lunch breaks. Their house on the vineyard looks like something straight out of an issue of Town and Country or the cover of a wine magazine. Its amazing. Sadly for me, Ryan had to go back home, meaning all of these fun perks go solely to Tessa now. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

On the weekend of th 16th, while Tessa was away on the yacht for the weekend, I went down to Auckland for a music festival called Big Day Out. I had so many friends who went down for it it was such a blast, and I also met up with friends i had made in my travels before Paihia, so that was really cool to reconnect with some people. There were tons of acts I wasn’t familiar with, but some noteworthy acts included Black Seeds, The Ting

Prodigy in the Boiler Room

Prodigy in the Boiler Room

Tings, My Morning Jacket, Lupe Fiasco, Prodigy (holy sh*t that was unreal), Pendulum, Arctic Monkeys, Neil Young, TV on the Radio, The Datsuns, The Black Kids, and many others. Prodigy had the last slot and was in a tent appropriately called the Boiler Room. Sweat literally was raining from the ceiling, and everyone was packed in to the tent like sardines. We all raved as one with everyones slimy bodies jumping up and down in unison. my bro asked me to write about it as a guest writer on his music blog saynoradio.com, so if your keen to hear more about the fest look out for that in the next week or so. Speaking of bros, I don’t know how I didn’t mention this in an earlier blog, but

BRIAN (my oldest brother) IS ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hit the jackpot with his awesome fiance Katie whom I adore, so I could not be happier for them! They set the date for April 2010, so thankfully I will be back home for the wedding and pre-wedding festivities. They both are amazing people and I am so happy that they found each other. I can’t wait to have a sister!

Now, you are probably wondering about the pirate ships I mentioned in this blog’s title. Or maybe you don’t care, but let me tell you all about it regardless. On one of my day’s off last week I went out on the R. Tucker Thompson, a sailboat that is more than just pirateIMG_0121 themed, its a straight up pirate ship. Fullers helps sell trips on the R Tucker, so I got to go out sailing for the day for free. Technically, I think I could have gotten paid because its a “famil” but I had requested the day off so I didn’t want to push it. I spent the day climbing up the rigging of the boat, swinging of ropes into the water, stopping over at Motorua Island to bask in the sun and watch sailboats race by, drinking wine and eating a beautiful barbeque on the boat.  I’ll put pictures up soon so you can see, but the coolest part of the trip was climbing the rigging, which was about 15 meters high. You can hardly see me in the pictures bc I just look like a tiny pink dot (thanks for the dress mom) but the view up there was unreal! It was one of my best days in Paihia to date.IMG_0106

Those are just some of the notable things I’ve done lately, but I think I’ll try to turn this into a few entries and include some of the random, but fun nights I’ve had in between the big stuff. Think Mexican nights, staff bbq at Haruru Falls, rooftop drinking, etc. I love and miss you all.

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