A song for my friends and family. Even vagabonds get homesick sometimes

I taught a class on “culture shock” today and realized how much I miss my family and friends. I turned to my guitar for some comfort, and then thought maybe if I share this song it might make me feel just that tiny bit closer to all of you who are so very far away. Loving you from Quito.
Are We There Yet– Ingrid Michaelson Cover – YouTube.

7 thoughts on “A song for my friends and family. Even vagabonds get homesick sometimes

  1. Hi Shannon…

    I have commented before about your travels…thank you for sharing:-) Travel expands our views and understanding of all people and places. It has always been a personal goal of mine too:-)

    I don’t really know you, my neice, and all that you are feeling being in Quito, a very different experience than your prior “vagabond” adventures, but maybe, it is time to return home, seek that place you would enjoy living, and take your talents and apply them here in the USA!:-) We need you here with your vast amount of experience and your college degree!

    Quito, Ecuador, when we traveled there in 1992, was pristine and lovely. It was beautiful and the people were wonderful, especially, the Otavalo Indians:-) So, many places have changed, and the world is more turbulent. Sad to me, being an “idealist” and seeing the good in people and life.

    Your certificate program sounds intense, but very interesting. I hope it all works for you and the teaching goes well, but that you will soon be home to share your life with family and friends, and finding what you want and enjoy here…the journey can be educational and fascinating wherever you choose to travel:-)

    Aunt Peggy
    Bellevue, Wa.

    • Hi Peggy,

      I’m sorry I didnt respond to this sooner. I have been pretty slack since I got to Quito with checking my blog, I need to write a new post! It’s been over a month I think. Thank you for reading and I am glad you find it interesting. I appreciate your interest. If you have any recommendations for places to go in Ecuador or South America I’d love to hear them!



  2. that forrest gump story is amazing, and your song is really really beautiful.

    your blog is inspiring.
    keep it comin.
    visit me in california one day!

    -cousin bobby.

    • Hi Bobby!

      Great to hear from you! Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I have not been very good about checking or updating my blog since I moved to Quito. It’s about time I wrote an update I think! I’m glad you like the blog, as long as people are still interested in reading it then that’s my motivation to keep it going. I’ll definitely have to get out and see you in Cali some day soon! In the meantime, how about coming to Ecuador?? ;^)



  3. OMG Shannon….. you brought me to tears with that song. What a powerfull statement of what you must be going through.
    Everyone sees and reads about the adventure of your quests, but never see the emotional toil that you must go through from time to time. That took a lot of courage and honesty on your part to share that with your friends and family all over the world.
    The song says that “you’re not someone till someone loves you”. Well, you are definately someone, because we ALL love and support you tremendously. You truly are an amazing addition to this world that we call our own.
    You remind me so much of your dad and his attitude on life and acceptance of each and every experience that he encountered as an opportunity to learn and grow. I am extremely jealous of that quality you both embrace.
    Follow your dreams. Find gold in the morning sunlight and silver in the evening sky. Find beauty where no one else can see it, and one day you will “find your heart”.
    You have all my love always,
    Butz XOXOXO

    • Uncle Paul, Thank you so much for that beautiful message. You said my song brought you to tears but your message almost had me tearing up at work as well!! Thank you so much for your kind words. I would not be able to continue on this adventure that I am on without the incredible support of my friends and family and for that I am so grateful.
      Much love and thanks,


  4. Hi.Shannon

    I can feel your feelings in this song, especially because I´ve felt kind of sad sometimes and I´ve passed through hard situations and have missed my beloved ones. But you know what doesn´t kill us makes us stronger and I should add wiser to that phrase because if we wouldn´t try the bitterness we wouldn´t be able to taste sweetness. Besides that you sing so good Shannon, you rock! and I agree with you by saying that music helps us to express ourselves and show our real within nature. I hope you can sing us a song in class, so we can make the chorus while you play the guitar, sounds good doesn´t it?

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