Denver is for Doers (and Lovers?)

I have loved Colorado since my first visit at 13. I started coming out for spring breaks to ski with my family, and I was a love-struck teenager. While most girls were putting up posters of N’Sync in their rooms, I was taping up my…N’Sync posters. I seriously loved those guys. Lance is gay?? Daaang I didn’t see that coming. Boyz II Men are going on tour? WhaAAAA??

I digress. Colorado: I eventually lost my passion for boys in bedazzled jeans, but I have been pining for you for a long time.

la foto

Taken during my first run through City Park

After four years of living abroad, I am now officially living in Denver, and I couldn’t be happier about the move. Everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with New Zealand, and it says a lot about Colorado that most of the people I knew before coming here are Americans I met in N.Z.. This got me thinking about the type of person that is drawn to a place like Denver.

Before I even stepped off the plane last Tuesday, I have had people reaching out from all directions, welcoming me and offering to help in any way I might need. I felt at home here before I even had one. This last week has flown by, filled with city exploration, meeting friends, and making new ones. I’m laughing with the dude packing up my groceries, strangers say hi, and everyone wants to share with me why they love it here. It’s infectious. They say that Denver is a city of transplants; people who chose Denver and moved here because this is where they want to be. I say this is a city filled with my favorite kind of people. People who don’t just dream, people who make things happen.

la foto (1)


I was at a friend’s place on Sunday for sushibowl (not a typo, they just planned an incredible spread of homemade sushi sans football), and I was surrounded by the most interesting company. Everyone was throwing around ideas throughout the night of various climbs they wanted to do, hikes to try, music festivals to get to, etc. But the best part was what came next; the followup.

Instead of just leaving the ideas hanging in the air, this was a room full of doers. You want to climb but don’t have the gear? No problem, I know who has extra gear. How about this time? And this place? I’ll pick you up. It’s a plan. You want to go to that music festival? Ok, well the two of us can request the press credentials now and get +1s, let’s make it a road trip! So simple. So easy. So efficient.

It’s far too easy to waste time thinking about things that you want to do, or should do, without ever really being willing to take the steps to make it happen. It’s easier still to waste your life on hanging “what-ifs”. So <<virtual fist-pump>> to you Denver. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and I’m going to keep loving you for it.

One thought on “Denver is for Doers (and Lovers?)

  1. Hi Shannon!

    Enjoy Denver! It sounds like you are off to a great new beginning…new friends, interviews, skiing, hiking. Seattle and environs are similar, many transplants here with Expedia, Amazon, Microsoft and REI, and on and on. People are involved in all types of great outdoor adventures from skiing to snowshoeing, ziplines, hot air ballooning, kayaking, and sailing, and I could still go on!! So much to do here with our lakes and mountains, and beautiful summers.

    Sailing, as we do, a zipline for my summer 2013th birthday, well, you must fill your life, as you said with doing, and no “what if’s”, no “should haves, could haves, would haves”. Life, at whatever age, just take a chance, and “swim with the dolphins”!!

    Memories and experiences, our personal stories.
    Enjoy the moments in Denver:-)
    Aunt Peggy…global traveler and a California native at heart!!:-)

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