Thank you U.S Consulate in Melbourne for turning my passport into your kids arts and crafts project

I recently had to make a trip to the U.S. Consulate in Melbourne because I filled my passport and needed four blank visa pages for my Ecuador Visa (I’ll explain what’s happening in Ecuador in another blog). I paid $82 dollars for them to add 48 pages to my passport. Anyone with a passport might think, 48 more pages, how does that fit? Answer: It doesn’t. This is what my passport now looks like

My new overstuffed passport

Note the alternation between my old, water damaged, stained pages, and the crisp new blue pages that look like I literally took a glue stick and put them in myself. But that’s not all, on each page, they for some reason didn’t want the words “under seal” to be printed. So instead of printing new pages for me, they just went in with a black pen and crossed it out on every page.

Yes. A job well done U.S. Consulate. Professional indeed. I’m sure I won’t have any problems going through customs in the future. Cheers for that.